Saturday, January 11, 2014

This doyley is crochet in no 40 thread


  1. I like the size 40 looks very delicate!

  2. Many years ago, I purchased at an antique shop a large, round, expertly crocheted doily, which has become one of my prized possessions! And it has the EXACT elements as yours - the woven trellis (which I find SO unique) and similar connecting motifs, which I also think are quite unusual. I had never seen anything like this crocheted design, either in person or in photographs - until your magnificent doily! I'm wondering if it's from the same designer! Is yours one of a series of doilies in a book or pamphlet? And I also am curious about the year it was published. Of course, I wonder who crocheted the one I have! I'm so grateful someone at least gave it to a shop and didn't throw it out! It's a work of art -very much an heirloom piece - and I like to think I rescued it!