Tuesday, February 18, 2014

These 3 photos are of a bag I made, I had a fat quarter of the Gumnut fabric and wanted to put it to the best of use so used it on both sides and for the handle I only had about 1/4' of fabric left over.
This bag has 5 zippered sections 2 large enough to take spiral folders and the others big enough to take my tool kits for whatever lace I am working on at the time. And yes I am saving up to purchase a tripod.


  1. Well this is very nice! I actually need a bag or purse that projects fit in, so I envy you. The strap to my purse broke and I do everything else but that, this is encouragement! glad to see a tripod in future :) I do love to look at this beautiful work!

    1. Thank for your comments , I am hoping this bag will work, I have tried many other versions, I won the Gumnuts fabric in a raffle and wanted to put it to good use.